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Empire Communications, Toshiba Business Telephone Solutions include Toshiba Strata CTX Office Phone Systems and Toshiba Stratagy Voice Mail Systems.
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Toshiba Strata IP Small Office Phone System

Toshiba CTX28 Simplifies AdministrationThink Big with Toshiba's VoIP Office Telephone System

Big performance. Big features. Big capabilities. All the leading-edge power, versatility, and value you’d expect in an enterprise telecommunications system, now available in a small business solution. That’s big. The Strata VoIP telephone system gives your business the ability to easily and professionally handle calls, enhance employee productivity, please customers, and plan for future growth. In fact, it was designed with your small business in mind, enabling you to start affordably with just the features you need, and expand capacity and capability when your requirements change — without losing your initial investment. Think big. Think the Strata VoIP telephone system from Toshiba, the leader in telecommunications technology.

Enjoy the Versatility of the Toshiba VoIP Office Telephone System

 Every dollar counts when you’re a growing business. And the Strata VoIP makes sure that every dollar you invest on your telecommunications system remains well spent. It all starts with Toshiba’s unique, wall-mountable, modular design. What begins with eight digital telephone ports, one analog telephone port, and three CO lines with Caller ID can easily double in capacity to include 16 digital telephone ports, six CO lines, and two analog station ports. So you can add employee stations, telephone numbers, fax lines, and voicemail with near plug-and-play ease. The Strata VoIP even protects your investment should your needs eventually require a larger Toshiba telephone system. Simply upgrade and take your telephones with you. Virtually all telephones integrate easily with your new equipment.  The Strata VoIP even protects your investment should your needs eventually require a larger Toshiba telephone system. Simply upgrade and take your telephones with you. Virtually all telephones integrate easily with your new equipment.

Simplify Communications with Toshiba's VoIP Office Telephone System

Your telecommunications system — no matter how technologically advanced —should always remain true to its primary purpose: that of helping you communicate more easily, more effectively, and more conveniently. The Strata VoIP takes that concept seriously. Its sophisticated, yet simple, design enables you and your employees to take care of business without having to master complicated procedures or learning intricate new features.

The telephone’s LCD display makes it easy to access and use key functions through feature prompting that displays simple, clear instructions. Programmable buttons save time by putting key capabilities just a push-button away. Built-in Caller ID helps you decide which calls to accept now, and which to send to voice mail. And features like Auto Attendant and voice mail maintain your professional company image at any hour, and are critical during times when employees of many hats are focused on other important tasks and are unable to tend to the telephone. Toshiba provides a variety of telephone models to meet your needs, from speakerphones and cordless telephones to specialized answering solutions like the 20-button Add-On Module, 60-button DSS Console, or Strata CTX Attendant Console.

Save Money with Toshiba's VoIP Office Telephone System

Finally a telecommunications system that really works for you. The Strata VoIP goes well beyond typical communications features to include numerous capabilities that help you save money, improve profitability, and streamline your operations. Call logs and reporting give you instant access to calling summaries and breakdowns, so you know where your expenses go and client billing is easier than ever. Built-in features also give you the ability to restrict long-distance calls or particular area codes. And the system automatically routes your calls over the least costly trunk line or carrier for truly automated money-savings. Upgrades are also fast, simple, and efficient thanks to remote programming and testing. High-end features in a value-priced system. That sounds right for any small business.

Savor the Features of the CTX128 Office Telephone System

Toshiba offers many standard and optional innovative features including Call Answering options, Computer Toshiba Telephony Integration, Remote User capabilities, and more.

Call Answering:

  • Automated Attendant: Answers and routes incoming calls 24 hours-a-day as an integrated feature of optional Toshiba in-skin voice processing. Assures that calls are efficiently managed when call volumes are high, when your receptionist is not available, and after hours.
  • Voice Mail Integration: Allows callers to leave detailed messages for specific employees. With Toshiba in-skin voice processing in the Strata CTX, calls are handled faster and more efficiently, which assures that the customer’s needs are addressed as quickly as possible. LCD feature prompting with soft key operation make it easy for your users.
  • Call Record: While on an active call, you can record the conversation and store it in a voice mailbox by pressing the Record button on your digital telephone. To stop the recording, simply press the Record button again. Recordings can also be paused or restarted by pressing the Pause/Resume button.
  • Call Monitor: While a caller is leaving you a message in your mailbox, you can listen to the caller and answer the call if you choose.
  • Multiple Directory Numbers: Maximizes call-coverage flexibility. Station extension numbers can appear on multiple telephones and individual telephones can have multiple station extension numbers.
  • Caller ID: Displays the caller’s name and telephone number on the telephone’s LCD, as well as the customer profile from your database (with Computer Telephony Integration applications). Your employees will be fully prepared to handle calls with maximum effectiveness and provide personalized customer service.
  • Off-Hook Call Announce: Ensures important calls get through. Enables a station to speak to another busy station user. Call announcements can be made through the handset.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): With Toshiba ACD Call Center capabilities in the Strata CTX, calls are queued and sent to the next available agent. Incoming calls are distributed evenly, maximizing productivity and assuring quick, efficient call handling.
  • Management Information System (MIS): With Call Center Reporting in the Strata CTX, real time monitoring and reports enable you to get the most out of your ACD by allowing you to analyze agents’ performance, call center group activity, and system status. You can also forecast future call-center staffing requirements by analyzing call volume patterns.
  • Remote Users:
    • Remote Branch Office Extensions - The MCK EXTender enables groups of remote workers to have digital telephone extensions from your main location’s Strata CTX telephone system, with the same functionality as your main office system.
    • Direct Inward System Access (DISA) - Saves money by allowing employees to use your company’s calling network when they’re traveling.
    • Remote Call Forward - Permits incoming calls to be routed to an outside telephone number. Allows station users to cancel or change the destination of forwarded CO line calls from outside the office.
  • Operational Simplicity: LCD Feature Prompting with Soft Key Operation Provides easy to follow instructions and eliminates need for station users to remember access codes or operational sequences for commonly used features.
  • User Programmable Feature Buttons: Users can program their own buttons to automatically perform a sequence of feature operations at the touch of just one button.
  • Auto Busy Redial: Allows station users to automatically have their telephone redial a busy outside number up to 15 times.
  • Cost Savings:
  • Expansion and Migration: Allows system expansion to grow with your business. And all telephones except the seven-button model are compatible throughout the entire Strata product line.
  • Least Cost Routing: Directs each outgoing call using the least costly line or common carrier connected to your telephone system, reducing the cost of long distance calls.
  • Toll Restriction: Enables you to control employee access to long-distance calling. You can limit toll calls made by designated station users to only those toll calls that are necessary for them to carry out their job responsibilities.
  • Station Message Detail Recording: Call records provide the information and management control you need, for outgoing and incoming calls. This helps you determine cost-saving strategies.
  • Power Outage Protection:
    • Battery Backup - If the AC power fails, the Strata VoIP automatically switches over to the optional battery power without any interruption in operation. Battery operation time would be several hours, providing plenty of time to restore commercial power.
    • Power Failure Transfer - Enables the Strata VoIP to immediately switch a CO line directly to a standard telephone for incoming and outgoing calls in the case of a system power failure without reserve battery power. The transfer is automatic with no manual transfer procedure required.

Also, the following larger business systems are available:

Empire Communications and Toshiba America Information Systems brings together the expertise and know-how of the company’s Digital Solutions Division, Digital Products Division, and Storage Device Division to create some of the world’s most innovative business communications solutions, from mobile computing and leading-edge telephony products to storage and imaging technologies. The result of this leadership and sound product development and strategy is digital and IP telephone solutions that enable today’s enterprises to take full advantage of the numerous tools, devices, and voice and data communications technologies available now – and in the future. Because Toshiba is behind some of the most advanced and popular office technologies, from copiers, laptops, and tablet PCs to security cameras, projectors, DVD/CD recordable products, and telephone systems, you can count on global solutions that seamlessly integrate all your key business needs.